Ballet is a formal division discipline and students must be 6 years old to enroll in the program. Upon their enrollment students are placed in levels according to their age and ability. Each level is designed to help a student master the technique of Ballet.  Requirements are established to ensure the safety and development of the dancer.

The School offers all new students a free trial class in order for our faculty to correctly place the dancer in the right level.

Creative Movement

The creative movement class will introduce students to their first years of dance. Training, coordination, rhythm, body awareness, and ballet class discipline are emphasized through guided, creative, age-appropriate activities.  Students engaged in dance have higher levels of academic achievement, problem-solving skills, creativity, and physical coordination. 


Pre-Ballet I-II 

Pre-ballet students are introduced to elementary ballet terminology, positions and movements. Pre-ballet teaches the young dancer the basic elements of movement and dance space and how we relate to it, both as an individual and as a member of a group.  Integrated with these physical concepts are the intellectual concepts of self-awareness, creative expression, imagination, teamwork, and basic body/health awareness

Beginner level 

Students are first  accepted into Ballet  I.  The emphasis in the beginning level of study is on posture and the fundamentals of ballet training. Upon completion of Ballet  III, students will understand the structure of ballet training as well as have begun to develop the necessary strength and posture that will enable them to progress into the Intermediate Level.

Intermediate level 

The Intermediate Level begins with Ballet IV. Students continue to learn ballet techniques and are introduced to Jazz, Flamenco, and Character Dance.  Ladies are introduced to pointe work in Ballet IV. Training in the Intermediate Level becomes more demanding of the dance student.


Advanced Level Ballet 

The Advance Level begins with Ballet VII. Classes include Ballet, Pointe, Partnering, Variations, Jazz, Modern & Contemporary, Flamenco and Character. Students are challenged technically, as these levels prepare them for performance and further progress in dance training.



The CCBM School program is designed for the serious dance student interested in and willing to commit to intensive study in a variety of dance styles. Students are invited into the program by audition only. Upon the completion of Ballet VII, they will participate in the CCBM season performances as part of the trainee program of the company. Attention to detail and artistry is of the utmost importance.



Ballet Classes in Miami

Famous for its artistic virtuosity and technical brilliance, the Cuban Ballet School has trained some of the most well known dancers of today and the late 20th Century, and has created a technique that is unmatched in modern day classical ballet.  The Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami’s (CCBM’s) goal is to establish a permanent classical ballet company and school that will preserve and further the tradition of the Cuban School of ballet outside of Cuba.  The CCBM School will be the only school in Miami that will train dancers to a professional level within the strict regulations of the classical ballet Cuban methodology.   The Students will also be introduced to the various schools of classical movement by having internationally renowned guest ballet masters throughout the year.  Because of its geography, Miami is the perfect location to attract talented young students from all over the Caribbean and Latin America, and it will be one of the School’s goals to expand its teaching program and extend scholarship opportunities to students of Hispanic descent, as well as others, who may otherwise not have resources to study.