Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami School: Student Handbook


 The Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center (the White House of the Ballet) is the residence of some of the most recognized arts organizations in Miami: The Miami Hispanic Ballet (MHB), the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami (CCBM), Creation Art Center (CAC), and introducing The International Steinway Partner School of Music, and the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami School (CCBM School). With more than 20 years of experience in Miami-Dade County, the MHB, CCBM & CAC have become prestigious and distinguished cultural institutions.MHCAC It is the only Cultural Arts Center in Miami that offers a variety of artistic disciplines: Intensive Workshops, Theater, Art Exhibits, Films, Performances and regular instruction in Ballet, Music and Theater, with an exceptional national and international staff of teachers, artists and directors dedicated to quality, affordable performances and instruction.This beautiful new center resides in the Landmark building the J.W. Warner House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The property is centrally located between the Miami River, Downtown and Brickell, easily accessible to the Miami community and our visitors. The original colonial style building will be complemented by contemporary architecture housing the brand new state of the art ballet studios, designed by Architect Omar A. Morales. The planned activities at the Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center will enrich the arts in Miami and preserve our Hispanic cultural legacy.



The CCBM School has certain policies regarding dance attire, uniforms, class attendance, make-up classes and cancellations due to weather.  If you have any questions about our policies, please feel free to ask for more information
General rules and regulations make for a professional and organized school. We ask you to kindly follow, these guidelines so that we can spend our valuable time dancing rather than correcting tardiness and/or untidiness. 


Please arrive no earlier, or later, than 15 minutes before your class is scheduled to begin, already dressed in your leotard and tights with hair neatly secured in a gelled bun. 


All students should be picked up in a timely fashion, within 10 minutes of the end of class.  Faculty and staff will not be responsible for unattended children at the school waiting to be picked up.  


Classes will begin on time as scheduled, the studios doors will be closed 10 minutes after the class started, and at the risk of injury late comers will be instructed to watch. 

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All students are required to wear appropriate dance attire, grooming is part of the discipline of dance and we are adamant that all students adhere to the high standards set.  Students not properly groomed will not be allowed to attend class.
For the safety of the students we require that they wear cover ups and street shoes to and from class.


Classrooms uniforms give the pupil a sense of pride and belonging.  Every item of clothing and footwear should be clearly marked.


Without exceptions hair must be secured off the neck and away from the face.  All students in ballet class must have hair up in a gelled bun, secured with hair net and hair pins.

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Absolutely NO bracelets, necklaces or rings will be allowed.  Small earrings will be permitted 


Students could bring their mobile phones but they have to be TURNED OFF during classes.


Students should show respect for the property of others and for the facilities: leave others belongings alone; help keep the studio building and grounds clean and neat by putting waste paper, etc. in the trash cans.
No food drinks or gum allowed in the studio or administrative area. Water may be brought into the studio in plastic bottles/empty bottles must be removed. All students must put their belongings in the places provided for them.
Siblings are welcome while waiting for the students, no loud or disruptive behavior will be tolerated.

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Classes missed due to illness may be made up within the month at your level or lower.


The School will close according to Dade-County advisory in case of emergencies, tropical storms and hurricanes.  


Prospective students are encouraged to observe class, if available, prior to sign-up, with an appointment. I'm a paragraph. I'm a great place for you to let your users know a little more about me. Double click me to change me and your own content. To customize me and change my font click on the Design tab in the property panel.

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The CCBM SCHOOL is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Please collect your belongings at the end of your classes, unclaimed goods will be donated to the needy each week. 


The CCBM School offers teaching that is individual and hands-on. It is normal and appropriate for a member of the faculty to manually and physically place a pupil to explain a point of instruction or to identify some needed technical correction. The School neither condones nor tolerates any touching of students by instructors that is harmful, professionally reckless, or that violates generally accepted tenets of propriety.  Before enrolling a student, please consider that it is school policy to correct children with physical contact.  If the student or parent/guardian is uncomfortable with this policy, you may wish to reconsider enrolling the student.

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All payments most be received by the 5th of every month, there will be a charge of

$ 30 after this date.


During performance dates there might be some extra time of rehearsals, everybody involved in the productions must attend these rehearsals. 

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