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International Summer Intensive & Workshop 2023

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July 24th
- August 13th

The Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami School (CCBMS), is pleased to offer the 2023 International Summer Intensive Program & Workshops, in collaboration with the International Ballet Festival of Miami. This program is for students ages 11 - 17 that dance at an intermediate to advanced level. The program is focused on the Cuban Classical Ballet Technique and will also include:

Pointe, Variations, Pas de Deux, Character Dance, Flamenco, Contemporary,  Physical Training, 

Dance Appreciation, Makeup and Nutrition.


Performance Opportunity 

Students will have the opportunity to perform at the International Ballet Festival of Miami's Young Medalist Performance Gala on Friday, July 28th and Saturday, 29th. 


On the last week students will have the opportunity to take seminars, conferences, and demonstrations by the guest artists, ballet masters, and directors in the XXVIII International Ballet Festival of Miami. If students need additional tickets they will receive a 50% discount to all festival performances and will have the chance to meet all the guest stars.  

Our Distinguished Faculty:

Our Summer Camp offers professional level instruction by the Cuban Classical Ballet of Miami School faculty and other international guest teachers.

Our Faculty:

Eriberto Jimenez: Artistic and Executive Director of CCBM and CCBMS

Danil Tourrenze: CCBMS Ballet Master

Eleni Gialas: Jazz and contemporary teacher specialized in Horton Technique

Carolina Medina: Jazz and hip hop teacher


Payment and Registration

To confirm your participation in the program, please download and fill out the application form below.  Submit your application with a First Arabesque and a Battement Tendu a la Second photos to 

Refund Policy:

There will be an 80% refund of the tuition if the student can't attend the program.

NO refunds if a student misses a class or drops out of the program.


All students must provide their own meals.


Dress Code:

  • Girls: black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers and pointe shoes. Hair in a neat bun with gel.

  • Boys: white socks, white ballet shoes, black tights, dance belt, solid white fitted t-shirt.  


Local Transportation: 

Transportation will only be provided to and from the airport and performing venues. 

Registration Instructions

In January, registration was officially opened for the International Ballet Intensive Summer Camp. To attend students are selected by audition from 5 countries. This year the following countries will participate: United States, Italy, Dominican Republic, Panama, and Colombia.

Complete documentation must be sent to our email. In the subject line please include the name of the student, the name of the school, and the country of origin.

The documents that make up the registration folder are:


1. Registration Form *
2. Health Insurance Form *
3. Accident Release and Waiver *
4. Checklist of Documents to Attach
5. Checklist of Basic Supplies for Class
6. International Summer Camp Schedule
7. General Summer Camp Information

*The first 3 documents must be sent to this same email with the attachments requested in the registration form to carry out the registration process.

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